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Name:Multiversal sandbox 'game' breakoff from mixed_mus
Location:United States of America
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Community description:role playing, the multiverse, roleplaying, rpgs, rpg
So you don't so much have a muse as you have an idea. Maybe it's an idea for a game, maybe it's an idea for a thread... maybe it's just 'OMG, how awesome would it be if the Doctor vworped accidentlly into the middle of Ponyville?' and you're not really the fanfiction type.

This here comm is for you.

If you have an idea, or a game idea, or a multiversal idea or a multiverse or even just want to play in a universe for just long enough for a post? Post it here. While everyone's favorite multiversal bar is great, sometimes you just want to try something different. If that's the case, here's your spot!

Same deal as with MM: need a muse journal, join with the muse journal (and yes, can be same one as the MM one), you can post with the MM journal and then run amok with whatever journals you want inside the post.

Same basic rules as well: Respect those you play with, no character journals can join the comm, and if you act like a jerkwad I have the right (and privilege) to eject you.
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